[WIP] Blue Laws, Blue Books: E. Haldeman-Julius & American Sexual Knowledge before Kinsey

a book history-focused paper that examines the underexamined Haldemann-Julius company and their sexological publications.

A Finding Aid to the Pornographic Imaginary: Implications of Amateur Classifications on/by reddit’s NSFW411

The goal of this article is to ‘bring’ reddit and its user communities into porn and information studies and to argue that its unique features offer insights and has implications for both fields. After an explanation of reddit, this paper extends the …

Cataloguing Culture: Legacies of Colonialism in Museum Documentation: textbfby Hannah Turner. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 2020. 260 p. illus. ISBN 9780774863926 (hardcover). $89.95. ISBN 9780774863940 (PDF). $32.95. ISBN 9780774863957 (EPUB). $32.95.

“There was Sex but no Sexuality:” Critical Cataloging and the Classification of Asexuality in LCSH

This paper examines the addition of “asexuality” to the Library of Congress Subject Headings as a case study from which to examine the critical cataloging movement. Beginning with a review of some of the theoretical and practical issues around …

[Forthcoming] Mind the Gap: Sexology and Library of Congress Classification of Erotica, Pornography, Families and Children.

Forthcoming article in special issue of Social Text edited by Joan Lubin and Jeanne Vacchario discussing Class H and the placement of Erotica and Children.

[Forthcoming] Utopian Potentiality: Histories of Polyamory and Non-Monogamy

We present the results of an investigation into the biographies, letters and archives of approximately 50 well-known figures in Western intellectual and artistic history in the post-Enlightenment era. In this article, biographies and partners of …

[WIP] (Trans) Naming

A research article on how libraries and archives have dealt with trans* and crossdressing names, as well as the choice of the author in cataloging individual’s names..

Anti-sexuality Groups and Library Freedom

Archives by Andrew Lison, Marcell Mars, Tomislav Medak, and Rick Prelinger.

Review: Archives by Andrew Lison, Marcel Mars, Tomislav Medak, and Rick Prelinger