Actions Shutting Down Information and Freedom – Interior’s Attack on FOIA

The Freedom of Information Act, an invaluable tool for democracy, is under attack. New Interior Department regulations are targeting those who use it the most--journalists, academics, researchers and more. Furthermore, the shutdown is compounding the …

FOSTA/SESTA and Libraries

Tumblr and Facebook’s decisions to censor and remove any adult or erotic material on their platforms has set the internet atwitter (pun intended). There were, of course, thinkpieces lauding or decr…

cOAlition S: The Future of Research

Open Access Week 2018!

Interview with Brian M. Watson

A while ago I had the opportunity to interview Brian M. Watson, historian of obscenity and pornography.

The Victorian with a Secret

One man's private collection of Victorian pornography is now an important historical source.

A History of the Condom

History Of The Dildo

How did porn become porn?

Where did the ideas of homosexuality and heterosexuality come from?