Workshopping Queeries: Linked data vocabularies and ethical cataloging

Linked data, also called Web 3.0, is the practice of structuring information in a way that both computers and humans can easily understand, and it holds revolutionizing potential and implications for libraries, archives, and museums. As institutions …

Stonewall: The 50-Year Commemoration Collection

What stories about the Stonewall uprising circulated around its 50th anniversary in 1969? How was the anniversary commemorated? Who is identified as important to the Stonewall story?

Subjects In Chains: Linked Data Vocabularies and Sexual Liberation

Queer as Data: Linked Data and Minoritized Digital Archives

An Interview With Snowden Becker. “Keeping the Pieces:” Police Work and Documentation

Bodycams, First Amendment, Live PD, law and order: police work has been in the news a lot lately, and I have been thinking about how the police order, organize, and control all of that information when literal life and freedom are on the line. I sat …

Happy Birthday to the Marquis De Sade!

The works of Donatien Alphonse François (1740-1814), better known as the Marquis de Sade, were banned nearly-immediately upon publication by both the King of France Louis XVI and Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and remained so for over two centuries. …

The Past & Future of Free Collecting with Liana Zhou, Kinsey Institute

Liana Zhou, Director of the Library and Special Collections of the Kinsey Institute, shares her story and discusses the past, present, and future of the Kinsey Institute, sexuality, archiving, and intellectual freedom.

NCOSE’s Dirty Dozen Censorship

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation has included the American Library Association on their annual \"Dirty Dozen\" list of sexual exploitation enablers. You might be led to believe that the ALA was promoting open, free, and unfettered access to …

Using Podcasts and Videos for Scholarly Communication

Publishing Your Dissertation Open Access