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Nature rarely deals with discrete categories:” The Kinsey(s) & the Ghosts of Sexualwissenschaft

This poster argues that the Kinsey(s) classified, documented, described, and preserved human sexualities—and in doing so, created them

Sexual Behavior of the American Media: Alfred Kinsey and News of the Sexual Revolution

This presentation examines the print, research, and book history of what the Sexual Revolution meant to those living through it. Utilizing previously-unpublished sexological, psychological, and sociological research, I argue that the Sexual Revolution was a revolution of newspaper, magazine, journal, radio and television—not a revolution that touched the lives of the Silent Majority that elected Richard Nixon.

50 Years on, Many Years Past:Bibliography of Sexuality

I created the theme and site design of this Omeka for the Kinsey Institute, as well as doing a number of transcripts. The project is run by IUB’s Gender Studies Department, along with the Kinsey Institute Library The rapid change in legal rights of same-sex couples to marry, from state laws to the Supreme Court decision in 2015, sparked an increase in legal commitments among LGBTQ+ couples. Many couples never expected to be able to legally marry in their lifetime.

Grasping Towards Pornotopia

I presented on the history of porn studies, particularly focusing on the relationship between Steven Marcus and the Kinsey Institute.