Diverse Sexuality & Gender Section / Women's Collections Section


The 2020 DSGS / WCS joint section meeting will feature speakers discussing stories of women and the LGBTQIA+ community from collections that are not traditionally seen as being LGBTQIA+ or women’s collections. Blake Spitz will share updates and questions from a project interrogating the W.E.B. Du Bois Papers for records of women contributing to his work, and the world, intellectually, culturally, and via invisible labor. Brian M. Watson will present on "50 Years On, Many Years Past: Nonfictions of Sexuality" an open-source, freely-available digital resource, and collection focused on the history of sexuality. Alongside a bibliography, it includes a directory of archives and libraries relevant to LGBTQIA+ research across the world. In addition to the panel DSGS and WCS leadership will facilitate discussions on new section business and call for announcements from section members regarding recent projects, initiatives, concerns, etc. that are relevant to our communities.