(credit: brian m. watson) budding tree in arms park, manchester nh

Here is a list of some of my work

In Progress (have thoughts? contact me!):

  • A history book of polyamorous people throughout history with some fellow academics. Follow along here.
  • A research paper on the (re)classification of asexuality in the Library of Congress.
  • A Study of Hierarchical Pornographic Classification vs. Individualized Pornographic Classification on Reddit’s /r/NSFW411: a research paper on the development of sexual hierarchal and classification systems on Reddit and elsewhere.
  • Pre-Obscenities & Real Obscenities: The Creation of Male Pornographic Space: research paper being prepared for publication on the creation of a specifically male-gendered space in obscenity.
  • (In Progress) Grasping Towards Pornotopia (working title): an examination of the creation of popular understandings of sex and sexuality in the West between WWII and the beginning of the Reagan Era. Using archival evidence, publisher correspondence, and newspapers accounts, I examine the bestsellers that first brought Victorian erotica and pornography into the public and created modern understandings of sexuality.


  • Annals of Pornographie: How Porn became ‘Bad. Popular history book for a mass audience, made consistent and remarkable sales and won awards for making history accessible to the public. Resulted in authorial appearance on Conan O’Brien and a number of interviews. Extensive re-write underway for academic publication.


Professional Blogging and Interviews: