As some of you might know, I recently left The AskHistorians Podcast, where I spent the last three years cranking out auditorialy delicious oral histories and interviews for your ears. I have collected all of them below, along with the interviewee and the date it was published. All of the below feature me as the interviewer or narrator. Let me know if there is anything missing!

I greatly enjoyed my time podcasting there, and am looking forward for the physical publication of this collection!

URLInterviewee or NarratorDate
AskHistorians Podcast 082 – The European Armoring Industry and Techniques 1300-1600 WARitter, a historian of arms and armouring.3/17/2017
AskHistorians Podcast 083 – The European Armoring Guilds and People 1300-1600    WARitter, a historian of arms and armouring.3/31/2017
AskHistorians Podcast 087 – So You Wanna Be A Historian – Historical Thought Methods Historiography and the Historians Toolbox   Dr. Doug Priest (
AskHistorians Podcast 087A – [Unedited] Bonus Episode Doug and Brian Debate Postmodernism             Dr. Doug Priest (
AskHistorians Podcast 092 — What Is Facism        CommieSpaceInvader, handle of a historian of facism.8/11/2017
AskHistorians Podcast 094 – Dr. Andrew Mangham – Dickens, Victorians, and Sensation Fiction, oh my!          Dr. Andrew Mangham (
AskHistorians Podcast 096 — European Military Orders and their History    Dr. Rory MacLellan (
AskHistorians Podcast 096A [Unedited] — Scottish Military Orders —  A MicrohistoryDr. Rory MacLellan (
AskHistorians Podcast 098 — Slavery in Pre-War America and the Caning of Charles Sunmer            FreedMensPatrol, an expert on the history of slavery.11/11/2017
AskHistorians Podcast 100 – [META] AskHistorians Under the Hood   AskHistorians Team12/7/2017
AskHistorians Podcast 101 — 18thC Visual Culture, the Caricature, and Museums   Dr. Danielle J. Thom (
AskHistorians Podcast 103 — Libertines, Sexy Books, and BDSM – The 18thC You Never Learned About          Dr. Thomas Froh (
AskHistorians Podcast 105 — Scientists, Philosophers, and the Royal Society – The History of Creationsim         Lukas Wolf (
AskHistorians Podcast 107 – The Bigfoot Story – Orgins Legends and Speculation  AH User Depanneur3/16/2018
AskHistorians Podcast 109 – Dunkirk – The Dawn of the Second World War     AH User CoinInMyRocket4/13/2018
AskHistorians Podcast 111 — Speak Ill of the Dead — Early Modern English Death Culture and the Epitaph        Amanda Brunton (
AskHistorians Podcast 113 – The History of Medicine, Diagnosis, and the Body with Dr. Adam Rodman of BedsideRounds     Dr. Adam Rodman (
AskHistorians Podcast 115 – The Friends They Loathed – Quaker Religion and Persecution in the American Revolution        Jason Aglietti7/6/2018
AskHistorians Podcast 117 — Introducing AskHistorians Aloud — Napalm Peglegs Castrati and Egyptian Marriage        N/A8/7/2018
AskHistorians Podcast 120 — So You Wanna Be A MuseumPro — Museums and Public History            Cassidy Percoco (
AskHistorians Podcast 121 — The Education of America with EdHistory 101     Jennifer Borgioli Binis9/20/2018
AskHistorians Podcast 122 — Getting Down and Dirty in the American Civil War  James McAlister10/18/2018
AskHistorians Podcast 124 — Superman, Super-books – History and Culture of Comic Books           Caitlin Smith11/10/2018
AskHistorians Podcast 126 — AH Is Uncovering History with Dig – A History Podcast Dr. Averill Earls ( ;
Elizabeth Garner Masarik, MA ( ;
Dr. Sarah Handley-Cousins, PhD ( ;
Dr. Marissa C. Rhodes (
AskHistorians Podcast 127 — Hockey Fights – Hockey Nights — The History of the First Miracle On Ice          Matt Lerner ( 1/5/2019
AskHistorians Podcast 128 — AskHistorians Asking Historians At the American Historical Association           Corey Bowen ( ; 
Dr. Eric G. E. Zuelow ( ;
Amy-Elizabeth Manlapas ( ;
Jason W. Herbert ( 
AskHistorians Podcast 129 — AskHistorians Asking Historians Again At the American Historical Association          Dr. Nathan Tye ( ;
Dr. Patrick O’Brien ( ;
Heather Scheurer ( 
AskHistorians Podcast 133 — We Have Met The Enemy and They Are U.S. — Militia and the War of 1812        Adam Franti (
AskHistorians Podcast 135 – Historians and their Craft   Dr. Doug Priest (
AskHistorians Podcast 137 – What It Means To Be A Part Of America — Dr. Eric Rauchway – Politics and Econimics of the Depression and the New Deal   Dr. Eric Rauchway (
AskHistorians Podcast 139 — Bibliography of the Damnedon books and the Reformation – Robert M. Sarwark          Robert M Sarwark MLIS (
AskHistorians Podcast 141 – The Sexual MisEducation of America and SwedenSaniya Lee Ghanoui (Saniya Lee Ghanoui)10/19/2019
AskHistorians Special Release — Open Access & The Academy — What it is, where it is, and where it’s going        Dr. Brant Ellsworth (,-phd/) ;
Willa Liburd Tavernier, MLIS (
AskHistorians Aloud — Medieval Middle Eastern Lesbians and their Lives   Brian M. Watson12/28/2018
AskHistorians Aloud — REVEALED – The Secrets of Ancient Love Magic   Brian M. Watson10/31/2018

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