My name is Brian M. Watson and I’m a Archivist and Historian specializing in Cataloging, Digital Humanities, Linked Data & Sexuality

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Musings & Bloggings HistSex Project

Relevant Experience


American Psychological Association, Div44, CNM Taskforce

Archivist-Historian; Executive Board

May 2019 – Present
  • Serving on the executive board, working closely with co-leads Dr. Heath Schechinger and Dr. Amy Moors to document and preserve the work of 100+ professionals at 50 universities worldwide into the Kenneth R. Haslam Collection on Polyamory at the Kinsey Institute. Required significant education on archival practices and federal regulations (FERPA, HIPAA ,and others). Also manage the taskforces’ KO and archiving workflows.

Dr. Marika Cifor, Dr. Robert D. Montoya

Researcher: Classifying, Documenting, and Preserving Human Sexuality at the Kinsey Institute

Jan 2019 – May 2020
  • Prepared literature and archival collection reviews. The research is a multi-disciplinary project involving archival studies, knowledge organization, and history, the third of which is my focus and contribution. My contributions to the research have grown out of my own research into the history of the classification and organization of sexualities in Western contexts between Hirschfield and Kinsey.

Dr. Marika Cifor

‘The Price of Admission’ GLAMs and Internship Diversity

Jan 2019 – May 2020
  • Undertook a large literature review of all the available information on GLAM internships and diversity, and then prepared data on nearly 400 institutions of higher education in the United States, Canada, and elsewhere.

Kinsey Institute Library and Special Collections

Graduate Assistant ; Intern

Jan 2018 – May 2020 Indiana
  • Worked on several different collections at the Kinsey, including traditional, audiovisual, and born-digital collections.
  • Helped manage a 100,000+ item digital library, including audio, video, and image items, both digitized and born-digital.
  • Revised the internal vocabulary Sexual Nomenclature.
  • Transformed the controlled vocabulary from ANSI-standard to a SKOS linked data vocabulary.

New England College

Adjunct Professor

Aug 2015 – Aug 2018
  • Taught American History, Essay Writing, and Democracy to freshman, sophomores, and juniors.

  • Used class and internet participation, outside engagement in teaching 20-30 pupils.

  • Instructed on a variety of topics, including creative poetry, freshman composition, and literature classes.



2020 Carnegie-Whitney Grant for 50 Years On, Many Years Past

2020 Diversity and Inclusion Conference Scholarship

2020 OVGTSL Diversity Conference Scholarship

2020 LD4 Conference Travel Award

IUB Janice Kilner Egloff Scholarship

Digital Pedagogy Lab Fellowship

Archives Unleashed and Columbia University Datathon Award

Kinsey Institute Library Graduate Fellow

Indiana University Bloomington Margaret Griffin Coffin Fellow

Recent Publications

a book history-focused paper that examines the underexamined Haldemann-Julius company and their sexological publications.

What stories about the Stonewall uprising circulated around its 50th anniversary in 1969? How was the anniversary commemorated? Who is identified as important to the Stonewall story?

We present the results of an investigation into the biographies, letters and archives of approximately 50 well-known figures in Western intellectual and artistic history in the post-Enlightenment era. In this article, biographies and partners of Virginia Woolf, Max Weber, Edna St. Vin-cent Millay, William Moulton Marston, Erwin Schrodinger, and Victor Hugo are mentioned. While some of these non-monogamous relationships are well-known, much of the evidence of their existence has been ignored, misrecognized, or intentionally obscured. The results of this survey demonstrate that contemporary patterns of non-monogamies are deeply rooted in historical precedence.

Recent & Upcoming Talks

A discussion of the ways in which linked data, classification, and cataloging can inform each other in digital envirionments.

This presentation was meant to present some of the local work being doing at Indiana University Bloomington on subject headings and ways to think ethically about them.

This presentation was meant to argue that collections specialists must consider ethical practices in their work.

This workshop will offer tangible benefits to newcomers by introducing the work and purpose of linked data, but it will also offer alternative approaches and strategies useful for experts.

This poster argues that the Kinsey(s) classified, documented, described, and preserved human sexualities—and in doing so, created them

Library and Archive Specific Skills


Digital Archiving

Finding Aids

Linked Data

Oral Histories

Controlled Vocabularies

Knowledge Organization

Open Access

Social Media

Proficiencies (Digital)


Microsoft Office

Online Collaboration

Educational Software

Adobe Creative Suite



Languages & Coding






LAMP Servers





ACRL Women & Gender Studies Student Fellow

American Library Association National Student2Staff Award

Indiana University May Copeland Fellow

Drew University David Kohn Thesis Award

Other Experience

Current and Past

The Algernon Charles Swinburne Project


Sep 2019 – May 2020
  • XML-TEI Encoding of Swinburne’s letters and essays. This project is funded by a National Endowment for the Humanities grant. ​

Scholarly Communications, Indiana University Libraries

Open Access Graduate Assistant

Aug 2018 – Dec 2018 XXX
  • Worked on several major projects within the Scholarly Communications department and among other Indiana University school units. This includes projects such as the management and understanding of the institutional DSpace repository, blogging, preparing educational materials, administrating Open Journal Systems for Open Access Journals.
  • Contributed towards the promotion, event planning and development of the department.
  • Developed a social media strategy for the promotion of Scholarly Communications work including blogging, podcasts, and videos on Twitter and other platforms. Also helped in the management and distribution of departmental email accounts and email newsletters.

New England College

Adjunct Professor

Aug 2015 – Aug 2018
  • Taught American History, Essay Writing, and Democracy to freshman, sophomores, and juniors.
  • Used class and internet participation, outside engagement in teaching 20-30 pupils.
  • Instructed on a variety of topics, including creative poetry, freshman composition, and literature classes.

Historical Researcher and Cataloger

Jul 2015 – Aug 2016
  • Provided research and information for company that sought to disrupt the usual antique store model by selling directly to consumers.
  • Supervised a team of 20 photographers and listers.


International Researcher and Author

Jan 2013 – Jan 2018
  • Researched and wrote a book on the development of censorship and obscenity, which resulted in an interview on Conan O’Brien, and inspired a number of interviews, articles and more.
  • Spent nearly seven months abroad conducting international research on restricted material.


CFO, Moderator, Podcast Host

Jan 2012 – Sep 2019
  • Helped in the establishment of AskHistorians as the largest academic public history forum with nearly 1MM subscribers, 20MM monthly pageviews, and 20-30,000 monthly podcast listeners and financial supporters.
  • Received recognition from the AHA and NCPH and collaborated with the Library of Congress and other institutions.


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